– Oral surgery rooms

Outras aplicações:
– Small surgery
– Eye surgery



Higia Flow is an air purifier specifically developed for high risk small area surgery’s like Oral Surgery, small surgery and eye surgery. Inspired in the large scale Laminar Air Flow Ceilings used in operating rooms, Higia Flow protects the intervention zone with a low turbulence vertical air flow – Laminar Flow. The air purification is accomplished through high efficiency HEPA filters, class H14 according to EN 1882. By keeping a constant downflow of purified air, Higia Flow protects the patient as well as removes aerosols from intervention zone, protecting also the medical team.


> Generous airflow allows a high number of air changes per hour. For a room with 12 m2 it can reach 15 air changes;
> Double function, it creates a constant down flow of purified air directly to patients breathing zone and removes aerosols from intervention zone;
> High efficiency HEPA H14 filter according to EN 1882;
> Filter clogging led information allows a rational replacement of filters
> Easy access for maintenance (Authorized personnel only);
> Pre filter class G5, according to EN 779 – 2012;
> Robust construction with galvanized sheet metal Z200 with a 60 micron powder coating.