– Restaurants
– Meetings rooms 



Higia Tube is an air purifier specially developed for restaurants. Suspended above the table it diffuses purified air directly to the breathing zone of occupants, reducing the risk of contamination by virus and bacteria by removing breath particles from table. As the air is diffused in a cone-like flow, each unit serves a 4 person table. Air is purified by high efficiency, Hospital Grade, Hepa Filter. Hepa filter class is H14 according to EN 1882 standard.
Air speed of purified air is within the comfort limits suggested by EN ISO 7730 (Cat. B)


> Hospital grade high efficiency filter HEPA H14 according to EN 1882;
> High efficiency fan with EC technology (Electronically Commutated);
> Pre-filter M5 according to EN 779:2002;
> Innovative air distribution system creates a cone-like shaped air flow to reach the breathing zone of a 4 persons table;
> Led technology to indicate normal operation and filter clogging;